Hiking Heather Lake


On a beautiful Saturday morning we did a family hike to Heather Lake. Tyler carried Adelynn and I, Elijah. A few notes:

  • About 45 minutes away
  • There were many potholes the last few miles of driving
  • It was 1.9mi to the beautiful lake at the top
  • There were no edible berries along the way
  • Rivers trickled through the path in various areas

image (2)

Daniel and Olivia each completed the hike independently although Daniel was not excited about the small amounts of mud in various locations towards the latter part of the climb.

image (1)

Although there were a few steep rocky areas that caused Olivia to slow down, this was a hike that they both enjoyed and with which they did very well.

image (3)

Once we got to the top we ate lunch on the side of the lake. Tall mountains surrounded us all around. Daniel had asked for lunchables the day before so we included those in our picnic and he carried everyone’s lunches there and back.

I had a few ideas for next time. It would be a great idea to bring:

  • Whistles
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Binoculars

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